The Constraints Of Women Entrepreneurs Essays

The Constraints Of Women Entrepreneurs Essays

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2.2 Constraints of Women Entrepreneur
Although there are many benefits are accredited to women entrepreneurs, a number of constraints have been identified as detriments to these benefits. Women entrepreneurs face many challenges like government rules and regulations, lack of access to finance, assets, information technology, infrastructure and other facilities that enable their efficiency and business growth (United Nations,2006). Kantor (1999) underlines that women often experience greater constraints on their economic actions compared to men.
Mayoux (2001) has also pointed that there are certain factors that limit women entrepreneurs ability to take advantage of the opportunities available to them in their economy and these factors have been identified as the reasons why their businesses fail. These factors according to Mayoux (2001) and United Nations (2006) are poor financial management skills, Liquidity problems, Lack of management skills & experience, lack of financial accounting, Marketing problems, Lack of HR policies, unavailability of expert advice, Lack of business networks, Lack of market knowledge, constraints in access to finance. Other barriers to women entrepreneurship development are cultural barriers, lack of motivation & expectations, problems during the transition from reliance on government benefits and employment.
Gould and Perzen (1990) classified women into ‘well to do and low-income women’. According to them, ‘well to do’ faces the various challenges like lack of socialization to entrepreneurship in the home, school and society; exclusion from traditional business networks; lack of access to capital; discriminatory attitude of leaders, gender stereotypes and low expectations from the society. These Wom...

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... wards of Mumbai.
Within the stakeholder perspective, the construct of this study incorporates the clients satisfaction in accordance with their perception about the importance/relevance of facilities/services provided by incubation agencies..

Conceptual Map and explanation :

Conceptually an incubation centre has a supply side component as well as demand side component. Supply side constitute of different kind of facility/services provided by incubation centres. These services include skill/management training and mentoring support, marketing, networking and infrastructural facilities. The demand side includes support needed or demanded by women entrepreneurs and other entrepreneurs.
Our study investigates the services actually provided and what demand exists for these services. It also measures the effectiveness and demand supply gap existing for these services.

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