Essay on The Constitution : Suppression Of The 2nd Amendment

Essay on The Constitution : Suppression Of The 2nd Amendment

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The Constitution: Suppression of the 2nd Amendment
“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not infringed.” Many people will recognize this as the 2nd amendment to the United States Constitution. What the people may not know is that it is under attack. Those that oppose the right of the citizens to own firearms are trying to eradicate the 2nd amendment because it guarantees that right to the American people. Liberals believe guns are evil devices that go around and shoot people. They conclude that by restricting and eventually banning guns, gun violence will resolve into nothing. The left tries to use the 2nd amendment to argue their point, but they pick and choose which sections they want to use, which doesn’t encompass all that the amendment says. One of their biggest attacks are on assault rifles, gun control activists are trying to eliminate these because they think it will reduce the amount of shootings, however, democrats are forgetting that America was founded on freedom, and that guns brought us this freedom, and guns will forever preserve this freedom.
Concerning the meaning of the 2nd amendment, gun control activists look at specific parts of the text and try to define the whole meaning from those individual sections. However, to accurately decipher the meaning of the amendment, one needs to look at the text as a whole, as well as the wording in other amendments and documents from the same time period. By examining other documents and the context they are written in, one is able to fully understand the writing style in which the 2nd amendment was written.
As a consequence, when the gun control activists only look at a specific p...

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...ll as many other guns, including Kalashnikovs (AKs) and the Steyr AUG. “In addition, conventional firearms were prohibited from being manufactured with features commonly found on assault weapons. Rifles could not feature a bayonet mount, a protruding pistol grip, or a grenade launcher” (Milite, George). All three of these features are nothing more than aesthetics. The grenade launcher seems big and scary but that is only if the ammo can be acquired, which it cannot, so that was just another pointless addition that infringed on everyone’s 2nd amendment rights. In addition to the guns being restricted the law also made it illegal to manufacture high capacity magazines. The new law also banned the manufacture of high capacity magazines. The law deemed any magazine, a chamber that feeds ammunition into the gun, able to hold more than 10 rounds as a high capacity magazine.

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