The Constitution Should Not Protect Citizen 's Privacy Essay

The Constitution Should Not Protect Citizen 's Privacy Essay

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Madison Childers
Mr. Sobieck
20 March 2016

Every citizen has a fundamental right to privacy. No citizen should have the government looking at his or her information without his or her permission. The amendments in the constitution should be enough to protect citizen’s privacy. The government should not have the right to collect people’s personal information.
The fourth amendment gives every citizen a right to privacy. In the fourth amendment it clearly states that police or the government do not have the right to search citizens or their property with out having probable cause. What this really means is that everyone has a right to keep their property and their information to themselves. Its not something the government or law officials should have a right to. Another thing that the fourth amendment goes into detail about is how people should have the fundamental right to be secure in their house, feel secure themselves. By the government using technology and personal information they are clearly breaking citizens fourth amendment rights.
The only flaw that the fourth amendment has today is that it does not incorporate technology and Internet privacy. Our founding fathers did not have the technology that we have today so of course it was not included in the constitution. Many court cases have been very disputable when it comes to the constitution and laws on technology. Since the constitution does not directly talk about technology, people have interpreted parts of it, such as the fourth amendment, differently.
Every citizen should have a basic right to privacy when they are using technology. This is another thing that the Fourth Amendment covers. The Fourth Amendment basically states that the government is not...

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...y stated in a 1983 case regarding the use of a beeper to track a suspect that the decision could not be used to justify 24-hour surveillance without a warrant. This is yet again just another example of how the government uses technology to find out information but the citizens right to privacy is being violated. Even thought the federal law enforcement had a good reason to believe that Antoine Jones was guilty, they still did not have the right to track him and invade his privacy and his rights.
Our government today tries to take away our fundamental right to privacy, every citizen still has the fourth amendment and other laws protecting them. Technology has certainly changed the way our information is used. Even though this new technology and the Internet exists, it still should not have an affect on any citizen’s constitutional rights and their private identity.

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