Essay on The Constitution And Political Parties

Essay on The Constitution And Political Parties

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The Palauan constitution allows the people over 18 years of age to vote in the national and state elections . There are no political parties in Palau and there is no law to prevent the formation of political parties . Thus, all candidates are running as independents. According to Veenendaal (2013) , the population size of the Republic of Palau, and its cultural background is the primary reason for the country not having a political party. Their small population size allows the people to easily communicate with politicians without going through the party organization, resulting in greater awareness about the people’s preferences.
However, the absence of political parties’ ideology has led to most political decisions now based on personal, family and/or clan relationships . Despite the country following the U.S governing structure, Palau is still very much reliance on their traditional chiefly leadership to influence and make most decisions for them.
Also, the absence of political party’s ideology in Palau has led to some intense clan rivalries around their leaders, and also lead to the continuous friction between democratic institutions and their traditional leadership style and culture . These clan membership and inter- and intra-clan relationships usually assume the role of political parties .
As a result, competition for the presidential position revolves around the personality and personal relation of individual candidates. This was the case in their 1984 presidential election that despite President Remeliik and Vice President Oiterong proved to be ineffective and indecisive during their term in office, they were again reelected by a clear margin . Unfortunately, President Remeliik was assassinated on June 30, 1985.
But, a...

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...ded by Veenendaal (2013), in some states the chiefs are more powerful than elected officials. Therefore, traditional leadership are still playing a critical role in the governing system of Palau.
b. Is there separation of Council from Day to Day Management?
The role of the Chiefs Council and Traditional Leaders Council were supposed to only advise the President and Governors on matters related to traditional laws, customs and tradition. This separation of roles is also specified in the Article VIII, Section 6 of the Constitution where no chief is allowed to serve in the Council of Chiefs and being a member of the Congress or the Cabinet at the same time.
But, given the small number of people living in Palau and their strong socio-cultural setting, the influence of tribal council and chiefs in the daily management of the community could still be very much resilient.

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