Essay about Constantine’s Latent Influence on Christianity

Essay about Constantine’s Latent Influence on Christianity

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Learning from his predecessors that divine assistance was needed for a more powerful aid than his military forces, Constantine, Caesar of the Western Roman Empire, went on a quest to find a god he can rely on for protection and assistance. After having a vision of a “trophy of a cross of light in the heavens, above the sun, bearing the inscription, Conquer by this,” he affirmed it was not the pagan gods but rather, “God, the only begotten Son of the one and only God.” Hence, he determined to devote himself to the readings of the Bible. Leading his army with his newfound allegiance to the Christian God, Constantine became the sole emperor of the Roman Empire. In the year 313, he issued the Edict of Toleration, ending the persecution of Christians. Although Constantine’s conquest of the Roman Empire appeared to be a positive event for Christianity, the original biblical canon of Christianity manifested into a liberal doctrine of faith that lacked the true devotion of a real disciple.
Eusebius’ Life of Constantine, the first written document of the history of Constantine in the 4th century, expressed the gratifying victories of Constantine sanctioned by the power of God. Eusebius describes the reign of Maxentius, who “had proceeded to great lengths in impiety and wickedness, so as to venture without hesitation on every vile and impure action.” He separated women from their husbands putting them in shame to cater to his desires. He partook in the massacre of countless Roman citizens in their own city. He abused and slaughtered women, children, and animals as a means for comfort and victory. Constantine, “filled with compassion on account for all these miseries” defeats the tyrannical rule of Maxentius. Rome praised Constantine a...

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...s authority similar to that of a Senator, losing its religious sentiment.
Constantine’s conversion of the Roman Empire had a lasting effect on Christianity. Eusebius represents the conversion as a noble and respectable event for Christianity; however, early Christians know that the true beliefs of Christianity were heavily undermined. Because Christianity lost its true foundation, Christians were forced to find new ways to practice their beliefs and express their devotion. This watered-down version of Christianity opened the door to various divisions in the Church that still exist to this day. Although Constantine’s conquest of the Roman Empire appeared to be a positive event for Christianity, the original biblical canon of Christianity manifested into a liberal religion that lacked the true devotion of a real disciple.

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