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Constantine I (February 27, 280 C.E.- May 22, 337 C.E.), also known as Constantine the Great, was the first Roman emperor to not only abolish persecution of Christians, but he was also the first to convert to Christianity in 312 A.D. Around 200 years later, in 496 A.D. Clovis I (466 C.E.- 511 C.E.), the King of the Franks, converted to Christianity, in which he was called a “new Constantine” . Constantine and Clovis’ reign through Christianity were alike in the way that they decided to convert. However, the two emperors were different in their commitment to God and their impacts on the church and state.
Constantine converted in Constantine’s conversion to Christianity was a result in his victory in battle. Though Constantine encountered Christianity in 303 and some of his family members may have been Christians, it took him around 9 years later to convert. In the Battle of the Milvian Bridge, Constantine was quickly falling to Maxentius, who was in power of Rome at the time, and searched for another method. Constantine was convinced that he needed more powerful aid than his military forces could give him, so he sought the help of God. Constantine, during his battle against Maxentius, prayed to the sky and a cross, the Christian sign, appeared in the sky with the legend “In this sign, conquer.” Constantine did end victorious and the new emperor of Rome. Constantine’s belief in God’s guidance to victory brought him the Christian church to get baptized.
Clovis’ drive to convert to Christianity was similar to Constantine’s story. Clovis’ conversion came, in part, due to his wife, Clotilde, who was a Christian. Historian Gregory of Tours says, “Clovis took to wife Clotilde, daughter of the Burgundians and a Christian. But h...

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...aptized around 2 years before he had died, showing his lack of commitment to the worship of God. Clovis did not do much work to help the church and show his empire why he converted to Christianity.
Constantine and Clovis’ impacts on their empires were different, but their intentions were the same. They controlled their empires in different ways, which led to positive effects on Constantine’s part and negative on Clovis’. Clovis’ nickname the “new Constantine” did not fit him, for he was not as dedicated as Constantine and he did not have the same effects. Constantine’s commitment and conversion to Christianity lasted after his death, to the point where his successor made Christianity the main religion of the Roman empire. Clovis’ conversion did not make quite an impact on the Frankish empire because of his lack of commitment and attention that he brought to it.

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