The Conspiracy Of A Conspiracy Essay

The Conspiracy Of A Conspiracy Essay

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President Kennedy, Governor John Connally, and their wives took off in a convertible through Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1993. Their faces were filled with joy and they hoped to win over Texas for the next election . A week before their arrival, papers were all over dallas with kennedy 's picture and a caption that said “wanted to for treason.” They questioned whether it was safe for Kennedy to go or not. Kennedy did not care, he insisted and had one goal in mind. They were not expecting such a huge crowd and their original path was blocked so they turned onto Elm Street . He was not expecting something tragic to happen that day ,although that was the day he died and Connally was injured. Many critics debate on whether it was one sole gunman ,Lee Harvey Oswald, or an act of a conspiracy. There is no proof of either, however there are some factors that lead to pointing a finger at a conspiracy.
The first leading factor that points to a conspiracy is the the fact that the first shot seemed to come from the back, however the second seemed to come from the front. The evidence that the first bullet came from the back was destroyed in surgery when they tried to save the president 's life. In the Zapruder film you see kennedy fall back and to the left slightly when the second shot was fired “In 1965, writer Harold Feldman examined the testimony of 121 Warren Commission witnesses and found that 51 said the shots came from the grassy knoll while just 32 said shots came from the Book Depository, with 38 saying that they could not determine where the shots came from. Feldman 's research led him to conclude that "there was at least one other assassin firing at President Kennedy from the vicinity of the grassy knoll."(kauffman) S.M. Holland...

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..., or perhaps they were in on it.Was that why Oswald was shot before he could plead his story ? Later the HSCA proposed their findings to the public unlike the Warren Commission on December 29, 1978, in which it determined that "scientific acoustical evidence establishes a high probability that two gunmen fired at President John F. Kennedy." This was not the only factor . Photographs such as mary moorman 's point to a man similarly dressed as a Dallas police officer behind the fence at the grassy knoll which lead to suspicion.The Placeing of the wounds and the time apart also raised suspicion.How could it only be Oswald, when it took 2.5 seconds to shoot each round and the gunshots were 1.5 seconds apart. This evidence may or may not lead us to believe there was the second gunman, However Conspiracy Theorist strongly believe all the evidence points to a second gunman.

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