Consider When Creating A Strategic Plan Essay

Consider When Creating A Strategic Plan Essay

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There are several important steps to consider when creating a strategic plan. The purpose of the strategic plan is to develop a new or improved way of completing a process or procedure for the organization. The steps include the understanding of the history of the issue or process that the strategic plan is being designed (Mello, 2015). Oftentimes, plans are created to blindly, without the experience of know what was previously tried or the results that were discovered. Preparation must include doing ones’ homework. If thorough research is completed, this will avoid wasted time redoing something that has already been attempted. It can also give insight into the environment of the reception from the earlier planning. Once the background has been studied and analyzed, the next step would be to put together the dream team that will embark on this endeavor. The organization will want to make sure to make sure the team has diversity (Mello, 2015) to make sure a vast variety that is balanced with the ideal amount of each level of management and participants. The upper management cannot fully give an unbiased outlook of the frontline if they are not out there on a daily basis. However, forming a team that has the production knowledge but lacks the management skills, will also create an unbalance in the decisions of the strategic plan. While working in the hospital, it was constantly viewed as the doctors being the main artery of patient care. They would come in and write the orders every couple of days and respond to calls for any situation that arose with their patients. I remember there was one certified nursing assistant that had been there for several years and never advanced to a registered nurse. She knew as much, if not more than ...

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...oyees because we all want to be paid for what we are worth. We want financial security for our knowledge ability we bring to the organization. Long-term options such as retirement programs, employer matching, health benefits, short-term disability and life insurance are other ways of compensation (Kryscynski & Ulrich, 2015). Strategic leadership helps managers increase their company’s performance by having a blueprint from the strategic plan helps to give direction and instructions on how to obtain the proposed desired process. It also helps to create a reputation of development within the organization. Strategic planning helps the managers be better managers because they can show confidence in their execution of the plan. The employees and customers are more receptive because there is a sense of direction that the organization is going that can be tangibly viewed.

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