Essay on Conservative Views On Liberal Views

Essay on Conservative Views On Liberal Views

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Conservative Views
With 2016 being an election year, and an election with many citizens who are unsure who to vote for; who do you turn to for information. Washington Times article by Ellen Sauerbrey are wonder what will conservatives get from voting for third party? Sauerbrey states “Hillary will trample on individual liberties and religious freedoms; The America of our Founders is over and the U.S. Constitution is toast” (Sauerbrey, E. 2016, Oct.). Mrs. Hillary Clinton is wanting to bring an increase of illegal immigrants and provide them with citizenship, have a huge tax increase especially on the middle class, bringing new government programs that are going to only increase the countries debt, along with having abortions be funded by taxpayers. Donald Trump could be the better choice to go with. Even though he has said things that demises women, he has taken a traditional route on what conservatives originally stood for. The original standing of republicans and conservatives were “low taxes, fewer regulations, secure boarders, strong military, strict appointments to Supreme Court, school choice and patient-centered health care” which the standing on which Trump has taken (Sauerbrey, E. 2016, Oct.). Monthly employment reports are important to U.S. government
Liberal Views
The significant monthly employment reports are extremely important especially during the time of election. These reports could and will shape people on who they are going to vote for. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton see the same report but interpret it in two significantly different ways. “Unemployment increased to five percent, but added one hundred fifty-six thousand jobs within the month of September, this leads to a steady economy course (Irwin. 2016.). H...

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...ot mention anything about Feminist. Will he allow women to be paid equal to their counter parts?
I think that Donald J. Trump has a pretty good idea on what needs to be done to America to allow it to become a better Country. He does want to cancel bill and remove laws that are still in place but have failed for Obama during his presidency. The main concern for Trump’s presidency is how are we [America] going to get the funding for all these projects; example the Mexican border wall. He says that Mexico will pay for it but how is he going to enforce that and how will the Mexican government respond to that. Also how is He going to reduce the debt of the United States and he wants to increase the number of jobs but what are the jobs that are going to be increased to allow the increase of employment. The ideas are good but how is it actually going to happen.

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