The Conservation of Whales and Dolphins Essay

The Conservation of Whales and Dolphins Essay

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The Conservation of Whales and Dolphins: Science and Practice, edited by Mark P. Simmons and Judith D. Hutchinson, is a book I have decided to utilize as a foundation piece for my final paper. This book contains in-depth information from multiple authors, compiled in chapter format. The compilations discuss many global issues revolving around the cetacean species, such as the protection and conservation of these water mammals and the various ways that they are endangered or harmed. This book also contains information about numerous international organizations and departments that regulate and maintain whaling laws and marine-life policies. An accredited author, often holding a degree in marine or cetacean biology or the head of one of the departments or organizations mentioned, writes each section or chapter. This book is an excellent source to use as background for my researched argument paper, because it contains up-to-date historical background on whaling and the numerous, international conservation efforts put in place.
This book opens with an introduction, giving general information about whales and dolphins. Written to provide a comprehensive review of not only all of the threats to whales, but also efforts and initiatives that are working to reverse the problems the cetacean species faces. From this very basic outline of traits and qualities of these marine mammals, an understanding is reached that helps the next portions of the book make more sense in context. This book does an excellent job of illustrating how there are many overarching reasons why the decline of this species is due to natural causes as well as other human caused reasons. The presentation of the biological reasons shows the scientific aspect of why c...

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...of worldwide growth or manmade efforts, but others are due to the natural biological changes. These are all written in a statistical format, which includes information from respectable sources. Personally, all of these are important topics within the book, as they help to illustrate the overall importance of the IWC’s implemented polices, and how the polices could or have been undermined.
In conclusion, the compilations of writing in this book give me an excellent starting point for the final paper. Each section is well written and although a little wordy at times, they are fairly easy to read and understand. I believe the authors have completely valid sources that they used to compose their sections from, thus helping the book’s ethos to be significant and accurately put together.

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The conservation of whales and dolphins: Science and Practice

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