Essay on The Conservation Of Endangered Animals

Essay on The Conservation Of Endangered Animals

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I first heard about the endangered animals when I was in 4th grade of Elementary School and I now that all of the students have experienced that. The teachings were easy to understand for elementary school age kids at that moment, and may basically have been unnecessary for the students in that level to totally understand about the endangered animal. Now I realize that it is alarming to all of us in the world about how our planet 's creatures may disappear so fast in the future if we do not protect our endangered animals. Endangered animals are defined as types of creatures or plants in the intense danger of eradication from the planet. It is when there are just a couple of quantities of a solitary animal groups left anyplace on the planet. Some of the people in believes that as an individual we will not be able to protect endangered animals, but finally that reason is not true. Personally, I think that as a human, we all have the same responsibility to keep endangered animals safe in the world because of three important reasons including the Animal biodiversity, the use of Animal for human needs and Ecotourism.
First of all, for those who love animal biological diversity (Biodiversity), they will think that endangered animals are the important resources in the world so that everybody has the same responsibility to protect them. Animals biodiversity defines as the group of animals in an area or space allocated for a specific purpose. According to Lombardo (2015), there were more than 28 types of animals have been brought once again from the purpose of annihilation and are presently off the rundown due to the fact of Endangered Animals Act. To explain that, there were a lot of animals becoming no longer extant because of human acti...

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...y in the world like direct killing of the animals and also the animals habitat became destroyed caused by the loss of animals living space. In this case, as a human we have to keep the endangered animals safe instead of destroying their habitat due to fact that we have to maintain animal biodiversity, ecotourism and we have to think about the advantage of endangered animals for human needs. Apart to that, many people do not care about the protection of the endangered animal because they think that it will cause higher cost. Furthermore, some of the real examples in the world have proved that some species of animals can provide benefit for human if we can keep them safely and live longer. Finally, I would like to convince all the people to keep saving the endangered animals in the world and I hope that this planet will be rich with many species of animal in the future.

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