Consequences of the World War II Essay

Consequences of the World War II Essay

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In the World War I individual rights and civil liberty have died. The wartime controls had replaced the free enterprise, exchange controls and import-export regulations had replaced the free trade. The inflation had undermined the sanctity of property. The war had shrunk the rights of individuals and enhanced the power of the State.
The politicizing of economic and social life means that every dispute and every disagreement were now become the matter of national interest. This rivalry had started a vast armament race in the whole world.
Almost all the world used the same political means but ends for which these means applied were different. For example, the goal of the Soviets was communism and Marxist Revolution, the goal of Fascists was national power and imperialism, and the goal of Nazi was the racial supremacy of German people. For the British and the French, the goal was the maintenance of their colonial structure and their economic domination. For Japan the goal was the political domination of East Asia and for the United States it was the spreading of their ideology and culture to the whole world. All of these competing collectivisms were bound to clash in the struggle of ideological supremacy. This clash of ideological supremacy has termed as the World War II.
Consequences of the World War II:
World War II has often viewed as the good war, which was fought for a clear purpose. The purpose to crush Nazism and fascism and all the horrible things for which they stood. But the consequences of World War II are much more complex than that. This has indicated that even a war, which has a good cause, can have bad consequences.
Some of the effects of World War II can easily be seen in the first glance like:
World War...

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...he concept of freedom.
The foreign policy of a government in a free society is to protect its people from any foreign aggression in the form of threats to the territorial integrity of the nation. All the other matters are personal and private affairs of the people themselves. If people of United States, or any other country believed that people of some other country need their help and support against oppression then they as a private citizens are free to volunteer to fight for the freedom of that country. It is also their personal matter to support people of other countries with their income and wealth. But Americans have to pay taxes so that Americans can have their favorite foreign cause subsidized. No matter how it is labeled it remains a forced redistribution of wealth. But most Americans are incapable to understand the most fundamental principals of freedom.

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