Essay on The Consequences of Prostitution in China

Essay on The Consequences of Prostitution in China

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Brothels have become close to what is a way of life for many Chinese women. From past to current day China, human trafficking takes place in various regions of this country. What is the reason and what are the consequences for women to be involved in prostitution? Women are becoming prostitutes voluntarily; they give sexual favors or even sell their own daughters into the sex trade in order to make money just to survive. Now, women in China are well aware of the consequences of becoming a prostitute, which can cause, HIV/AIDS, other sexual transmitted diseases, sentence to prison, poverty, and even death. Some women have no choice because they are raised to be prostitutes and/or they are in desire need of money.
Firstly, understanding why Chinese women are involved in the sex trade can lead to a better understanding of the consequences of prostitution. “Prostitution flourishes wherever there are imbalances between the sexes and a higher proportion of men than woman.” (Brown, 138) China established their One-Child Policy in 1979 where Chinese families are only allowed to have one child. Many Chinese families favored having a boy instead of a girl, as there were 22 million more Chinese men than women between 1980 and 2000. (Ebenstein) The One-Child Policy has a harmful effect on females because some of them aren’t even born or only live for a short period of time. Since there is a shortage of women in China, males have resorted to purchasing wives; in addition major cities have contributed to the demand for prostitution. (Brown, 139) Since the demand for prostitution is high, it signifies that women will be able to obtain a decent salary if they were to claim their job as a prostitute.
Prostitution in the past was not only a way o...

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