Consequences of Misconduct in High School Athletics Essay

Consequences of Misconduct in High School Athletics Essay

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Consequences of Misconduct in High School Athletics

High School sports allow a student to have a chance at not only increasing or maintaining physical fitness, but to be able to spend time with friends and fellow students to be able to work together to accomplish a goal that cannot be accomplished by individual efforts. For parents, sports can help their child by surrounding them with influences that support and promote good behavior both on and off the field/court. However, just because sports offer adolescents positive influences and rules to follow doesn’t mean that the students will decide to abide by these rules even though they are usually the logical and correct choice to make. Some student athletes still feel that there is a need to rebel against such rules, which usually results in the athletes being deprived of the sport or sports that the athletes deeply cherish. While a teenager in athletics has the opportunity to achieve their athletic goals without risk from outside activities, there are those who choose to allow those risks to destroy their personal goals and dreams in their high school athletic careers.
Most of the decisions that some student athletes make are usually decided through their own conscious and their personal belief of the situation or decision. In all cases, whoever makes the decision to follow through with the action in the beginning must take full responsibility for the actions that the culprit has committed. However, the culprit may have been tempted to attempt this action due to an outside influence that this person may idolize or create his image following the principles of this person. In the case of a student athlete, a person would likely choose an athlete at the professional le...

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