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Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night is a romantic comedy which is created through a complex circle of love designed by deception, disguise and practical jokes. The characters use of deception within the play create many unintentional and undesirable outcomes. Through the art of deception, Shakespeare explores the ideas of deceit and self-deception which in turn creates comedic situations within the play. Many of the characters go through extremes in order to get what they want, which is the love that they desire, by deceiving everyone and at times, even deceiving themselves.
The use of deception by the characters illustrate just how much of a burden love could be due to the fact that it’s the source of their pain and suffering throughout the play. The element of love within the play also reveals some homosexual-like ideas through character interaction and reaction to certain events which occur. The motif of love as a burden is depicted through how the character’s react to love, as if it’s more of a curse than a blessing; a feeling which attacks its victims suddenly and disruptively-yet at the same time they are willing to do anything for their love. Throughout the play various characters do the ridiculous in an attempt to woo their love, or in order to catch their loves attention. Shakespeare utilizes disguise and deception as the primary sources for examining the patterns of love and courtship as well as gender and sexualtiy.
There are numerous altercations due to the characters utilization of disguises to deceive one another; through the interchanging role of gender, disguise and the deception of characters, Shakespeare explores gender and sexuality which ultimately result in conflict, confusion and cases of mistaken identity. T...

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...e it not. [...]
My bosom is full of kindness
ANTONIO The gentleness of all the gods go with thee!

One could also state that there are homosexual connotations to the Olivia, Orsino and Viola (Cesario) love triangle. This is due to the fact that Olivia appears to love the somewhat feminine aspects of Cesario such as his “ scorn [which] looks beautiful in the contempt and anger of his lips”(3.2.142-143). However it all ends heterosexually through Olivias seemingly unquestionable acceptance of Sebastian when introduced to him as Viola's twin as well as Orsino’s immediate acceptance of Viola, even after finding out that she was Cesario.

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