Essay on Consent- A Common Fourth Amendment Exception

Essay on Consent- A Common Fourth Amendment Exception

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Consent- A common Fourth Amendment Exception
It is amazing that in this day and age that there is even a concern about the constitutional rights of suspects involved in computer related crime. The rights of the citizens of this country have been eroded by the passage of many laws including the U.S.A. P.A.T.R.O.T. Act. People can expect to have less privacy because of these laws. The government can enter a person’s house that is not suspected of terrorism or any criminal activity at all. They are free to search the house of that person. There is a good chance that whatever crime is observed will not be ignored. If the government searches a house under a secret warrant possible by the Act, and finds child pornography, the suspect is sure to be prosecuted. It is almost impossible to determine what type of defense that an attorney would use. Maybe the federal government would use their evidence found in regards to the Act to tip off local law enforcement of any violations of the law. This would give local law enforcement officers the means to follow the proper procedures such as obtainin...

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