Essay about Consciousness

Essay about Consciousness

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Consciousness can be defined as an awareness of one’s existence, thoughts, and surroundings. From different level of consciousness the same object can be seen and interpreted differently. What we define as objective, which we believe is unaffected by our feelings, interpretations or prejudices, are itself subjective. Correct description of the reality is itself unattainable, for absolute representations do not exist. In different state of consciousness, what we perceive as the truth can be false. With an impaired vision and thought, humans believe that we possess the absolute knowledge and ability to determine the truth from false, and the evil from the good.
Darwin and Nietzsche employ the Heraclitus’ philosophy to prove that humans are living in an illusionary world, in which we believe that we are the perfect species on the earth that can attain knowledge and understandings to the absolute natural laws of the universe. By delineating the theories of human language and evolutionary processes, Nietzsche and Darwin debunk the hubris of human beings and reevaluate the perception o...

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