The Connotations Associated With The Victorian Era Essay

The Connotations Associated With The Victorian Era Essay

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The connotations associated with the Victorian era are prudishness and repression. This era was the time period of the authors Charles Dickens and Robert Browning; like many other authors during the era, they wrote about values in society. A piece of Charles Dickens work that pertains to the era is a Tale of Two Cities, which was about conflicting values of different areas. Robert browning’s Red Cotton Night Cap Country is about the imposed values of a woman. All of the moral values during the time were set at high standards even though they were easily broken, not many people took the risk of admitting to it.
In the era of Victorians their values were very questionable compared to those of modern times. It was the kind of era that was strict about everything from social standings, personal lives of families, and sexual repression; the era was significantly stricter than today. Social standards were meant to be squeaky clean. Personal lives of families were supposed to be perceived as perfect. All of this played into the values that were imposed during the era.
The Victorians believed in high social standing. “The Victorians believed that the lower classes and other races were inherently inferior in their physical makeup and were irrational, childlike, superstitious, criminal, extremely sexual and dirty” (smith). During the time it was best for families to look their best in society. They had very strong beliefs in religion and those who were not Christian were normally looked down upon. The term "Victorian" has a large range of connotations, because they had such high and strict moral standards; in modern day the Victorian time is usually affiliated with 'prudishness ' and 'repression '(Aumann, Cenicola). Everything ha...

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...hey need to hide the truth from society.
Values are imposed when great authors write about reality in a prude society, when power and privilege interfere with Charles Dickens a tale of two cities, and when a suicide is listed as an accident in a red cotton night cap country. The values imposed in the novels had to do with sex, religion, family, etc… everyone in the era wanted to do everything they could to stay perfect. At least they wanted to be perceived as perfect. During the time people were seen as prude because of all the things that were valued during the era. In today’s society the same values would not be as accepted by the generation. Not everyone wants to be seen as perfect anymore. The Victorian era is an era that will forever be remembered for its prude ways and the way people wrote about the values that were imposed during the time.

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