Connections Between Social And Social Work Essay

Connections Between Social And Social Work Essay

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Connections to Social Work
Throughout my life, I have found myself always striving to help others. This has been bestowed upon me since I was a young child. My brother, Justin was born with health problems. He had to be fed through his stomach from birth to he was five years of age. Because of Justin’s health conditions he was a lot smaller than kids his age. He was held back in school for a year and he was still eight inches shorter than the other kids in his class. With all of his ailments and his stature I felt that it was up to me, his big brother, to be there for him and defend him from anyone picking or ridiculing him. I later helped my mother teach second grade kids in Sunday school. This opened my eyes to a lot of learning diversities and social challenges that kids face in our community. During my high school career, I was the football team captain. I was given the challenge to lead the team to state for the first time in years. This was a challenge for sure but I desired for my playmates to come together not only as a respectable team and represent our school. I challenged them to be influential throughout our community. We as a team got together and cleaned a senior citizen 's house who was in poor health and who could not clean it himself. This project gave the team a strong feeling of pride and community involvement. These are just a few aspects in my life that led me to choosing Sociology as my major. Sociology is a unique science. It is different than any other science because it can be broken down into several areas of studies, which when combined together give a unique understanding of the human being. Sociologist study humans reactions toward sexuality, shopping (Christmas shopping could be a subject by itself), ...

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...your help is a hard pill to swallow. Jules Evans talks about when in stressful situations look around and see how people react to it. One of the solutions he says is, “But others will stay calm, and immediately focus on what they can do, right now, to change the situation and get a handle on it” (Evans 32). Which is the control in emotion management that people in this line of work need. As a social worker you have to be able to let people know that everything is okay. Stephen R. Covey says, that we are a separate person from what has happened to us; our moods, impulses, and even genetic makeup, which what he is saying is that the struggles of life, the world throws at us, does not make us who we are (Covey 1). It is our right as a free world to choose our own path in life, the world does not choose our path; consequently, compassion is a good path to take in life.

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