The Connection Between Substance Abuse and Sexual Assault Essay

The Connection Between Substance Abuse and Sexual Assault Essay

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This paper is intended to look at the connection between substance abuse and sexual assault. In Canada, sexual assault and rape are far more prevalent than many people know and/or want to admit. This paper will be looking at sexual aggression along with three different populations of sex offenders and the correlation with substance abuse. These populations of sex offenders include: adolescents, college and university students, and adults (other than students).
Before exploring sexual aggression and sexual assault, the following are some statistics showing the prevalence and scope of the issue. Per 100,000 individuals, fifteen years old and older, have been victims of sexual assault. Most sexual assaults in Canadian are of the less severe nature (Brennan & Taylor-Butts, 2008). This is illustrated as 81% of reported sexual assaults involved “unwanted sexual touching” whereas only 19% of all sexual assaults were classed as severe (Brennan & Taylor-Butts, 2008). Children and adolescents under the age of eighteen represented more than half of the reported sexual assaults (Brennan & Taylor-Butts, 2008).
In general, a study completed in the United States, found that between 18 and 30% of male prisoners and 10 and 24% of female prisoners have alcohol related disorders (Kraanen & Emmelkamp, 2010). The same study found that between 10 and 48% of males and 30 and 60% of female prisoners have drug related disorders (Kraanen & Emmelkamp, 2010). When committing offences, many perpetrators have been found to be or have reported being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs (Kraanen & Emmelkamp, 2010).
Further, It has been discovered that sex offenders are more likely to be under the influence of alcohol than they are ...

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