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The Connection Between Religion and Healing Essay example

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Jesus has done so many miracles when he walked the earth to show us that there is another light. That is filled with happiness and peace and if we follow in the right path one day we will take part of this paradise. God sent him here to teach and preach to us so we can save our souls. All of the time Jesus spent here he healed and preached and made way for an important part of the bible to be written. The book of mark is one of the most powerful books in the bible because it talks about the life of Jesus as a man of action and authority. Mark tells the story of Jesus and events of his last week on earth, ending with the Savior’s death and resurrection. As the story begins it talks about John the Baptist and how he prepared for the coming of Jesus. God tells John that he will send Jesus to preach and heal the people, as God commanded John begin baptizing in the desert and preaching and baptizing to wash away sins for forgiveness. All of the people from Jerusalem came out to confess their sins and were baptized in the Jordan River. John tells the people that a person that is more power then him will come and baptize them in the Holy Spirit. When Jesus finally comes to Nazareth he goes to John and gets baptized in the Jordan River. As John lifted Jesus out of the water he sees the spirit descending on Jesus, and a voice came from heaven and said to Jesus you are my son whom I love and with you I am pleased. After this had happened Jesus went out in to the desert for forty days and was tempted by Satan. Jesus begins to gather his disciples to come follow him so he can start to preach and teach the word of God. The first place Jesus stops is a place called Sabbath; he went to the synagogue and began to teach the people. A...

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.... I had to wait a week to find out if I had the cancer or not. One night I got on my knees and prayed to God and asked if there was any way to give me more time. I also went to church and asked for prayer to help me through this hard time in my life, after that I said to God that I put it in his hands. I went on about my day and did not think of it anymore, the next week I went in for my biopsy. I had to wait 2 long weeks and they felt like forever, when the doctor called he told me I did not have the cancer. I felt so happy and ever since then I had a different out look on life. I had a goal that I was going to finish school, and nobody was going to stop me and now I am a junior in college. I feel that anything that you need if it is something like cancer or a hard time in your life, religion or anyway you worship and be a therapy to help you through anything

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