The Connection Between Nodes And Modules On The Perspective Of Time Dimension And Space Dimension

The Connection Between Nodes And Modules On The Perspective Of Time Dimension And Space Dimension

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Salingaros not just point that the precondition of the connections between different nodes. He also explained that the link is existing in the three dimensions (Figure 10).

Figure 10
Distribution of inter-connected elements across several scales, drawing by Nikos Salingaros.
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Compared with Alexander’s mathematical model, this model expanded the connections into different scales. We can analyse how the nodes connected across various levels via the perspective of time dimension and space dimension. From the aspect of space dimension, the complicated and multiple connections of nodes and modules on different levels construct the city system. The stronger the connection between nodes and modules across different scales the more dynamic the city system will be. In terms of the time dimension, the levels of a city can’t build up within a short time. Because in the short time, the connection between nodes will be balanced in each module. But the link between modules is still week. After long time balance of those nodes that inside a module, the connection between each module can be stronger (Xiao & Sun, 2013). Similarly, those nodes: banks, financial companies, hotels and apartments formed the module Wall Street. After a certain time balance within this module, the module itself can continue to compose other city elements and form a bigger size module or just connect to a similar size module. After an extended period, the evolution of these nodes and module eventually formed today’s Manhattan city. By contrast, Brasilia only took five years to be built. That is part of the reason why Brasilia is an artificial city so far.
3.2.3 Inverse-Power Law Distribution

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...he analysis of other people’s theories, it can help us understand how a city can develop into a natural city like Manhattan. In the case of Manhattan, we have concluded three methods to build a natural city. The first one is the mix of function, not only Salingaros but also Jane Jacob had pointed out this kind of thinking. They all think that a city should have multiple functions to satisfy all sorts of people. The second reason why Manhattan can be a natural city is because of the city’s development in a long time and different scales. Brasilia only took five years to be built, but Manhattan’s development took more than 300 years. And finally, Salingaros explained that the small size urban projects are also the essential reason. Those three reasons can be the useful references for us to learn and committed to developing a natural city rather than an artificial city.

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