Essay on Connecting With Reality

Essay on Connecting With Reality

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Michael Posner once said,” Even now, after Debord’s death, in an age of mindless interactivity, we remain consumers, increasingly disconnected from reality and our own lives mesmerized by images.” This quote means that our reality has been transformed in a damaging and artificial ways, which has violated our inner ability to judgment. Under such circumstances, image culture has already became a social preference and we react emotionally rather rationally. And that is why we are still not able to connect with the reality. I agree with this quotation, as it holds true in life, and in modern culture. Both Image world by Michael Posner and The Wire by Brian Lowry teach audiences about the idea that people are highly influenced and adopted by fancy spectacles and illusions, they are preferred to see what they want to see rather than what is real and valuable. However, there are some significant differences in those two novels, which contradict with each other.
The novel Image world demonstrates how people adopted spectacles then preferred spectacles in many prospective. Life has become a fancy presentation with manipulations and illusions, just in order to keep people interested and hypnotically responsive. One of the ways Image World proves this point is through theme, which is the central idea revealed through a literature work. In the novel Image world, Michael Posner describes popular places in the world like: Broadway, Cannes, Pairs, Milan, New York, London, Las Vegas, even theme parks in everyday life are all surround by spectacles and illusions. It’s all built and designed in a common ground of spectacle. Those places are sublime, but it is also part of fraudulence and people enjoin it. Michael Posner proves a fact ...

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... to be true, we are now living in a world with full of spectacles and clearly people are interested and responsive to it, there is somehow a mental paradigm shift of thinking which we depend more on our intuition rather intellect. However, The Wire brings up the argument that image culture does not necessarily deprive people’s ability to think, but somehow encourage people to think more actively. After examine both novels, I think Posner’s arguments can only be partially right, people are mesmerized by spectacles, but at least people’s inner ability to think still exist. Despite all the facts that The Wire is unpopular and infamous, it’s still one of the most demanding and thoughtful TV series of all time, which means most of the people are still think rationally. So far, there are some concerns about image culture, but I think overall those concerns can be fixed.

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