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Sean Godsell’s career as an architect has been inspired by his interest in Asian architecture and it’s geographical immediacy to Australia, in particular the use of spatial devices within a structure. He talks of 'the connected plan', an interior that can be divided, traversed, or opened up at will. (INTEXT REF) This topic discussed in detail throughout the essay. When studying both localized and regionalist approaches to design it is clear that Godsell has taken on board all areas of this topic and his broad oeuvre represents this. There is an evident focus upon a localized approach to architecture, with his projects an observable response to their immediate surrounds in the landscape. In particular Godsell’s Glenburn house and The Carter Tucker House. Regionally speaking, as already mentioned, it is evident in almost all of Godsell’s works that he reflects upon and draws inspiration from neighboring Asian countries, drawing key elements and applying them respectively to his localized approach. Some prime cases of Godsell’s regionalist approach are his Peninsula house and also the St Andrews Beach House. Godsell; all the while responding to local and regionalist influences has put a lot of time into creating entirely flexible public dwellings, emergency housing, which can be adjusted and enhanced to whatever conditions they are placed in. This paper will draw examples of emergency housing from Future Shack, Park Bench House and also Bus Shelter House.

Godsell’s Glenburn House has found context from two diverse landscapes, set within the hills in the rural area of Glenburn, the home has been placed submerged upon a hilltop setting flush to it’s highest point flattening the space creating a horizontal emphasis while earning a s...

... middle of paper ...

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