Congressional Committees And Senate Committees Essay

Congressional Committees And Senate Committees Essay

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Do you know what lobbyists and Congressional Committees do? Lobbyists, protected by the First Amendment, represent the people and interest groups. Congressional Committees work on drafting legislation. The way Congressional Committees work, how they divide members of Congress into different committees, how Congress passes laws and how lobbyists effect Congress are amazingly designed by our Founding Fathers.
The way Congressional Committees are structured and operate is very detailed and complex. There are three main types of committees: the standing committees, special or select committees and joint committees. Standing committees are the most stable and create most of the bills. Special or select committees, often investigative in nature, are arranged to face short term and long term issues beyond the capacity or authority of a standing committee. Joint committees have members of both Houses and are created to either study an issue of interest to the entire Congress or to watch over Congressional support agencies like the Government Accountability Office.
Standing committees consider bills and issues and recommend items to then be considered by the entire respective chamber. Under the standing committees are 6 sub committees including Rules and Administration Committees, Budget Committees, Authorizing Committees, Appropriations Committees, Revenue Committees and General Oversight Committees. There is a Rules and Administration Committee or Rules Committee in both Chambers which, in part, choose the basic operations of their Chamber such as the number of staffers individual members get. The Budget Committees, Senate portion created in 1974, give each Chamber excessive information and discipline regarding drafti...

... middle of paper ... is when Earth Justice lobbyists traveled to Washington to tell their representatives that they need federal coal ash regulations. Apparently coal ash has poisoned and polluted waters in over 200 sites. Another good thing is that citizens can act as lobbyists and voice their concerns to their representatives. A few bad aspects of lobbyists is that they can corrupt good government officials and therefore cripple our republic. Also some lobbyists are from well-funded interest groups that push legislation about which most citizens disagree. Lastly, lobbyists can easily add more obstacles to the law-making process than making improvements.
The manner in which Congressional Committees operate, how they separate congressmen into different committees, how congress ratifies laws, and how lobbyists influence congress are incredibly devised by our founding fathers.

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