Essay on Congressional Action And The Key Of Members Of Congress

Essay on Congressional Action And The Key Of Members Of Congress

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In Mayhew’s work he suggest that the main goal of Members of Congress is to get reelected. In his work he breaks down Members of Congress’ division of resources to three basic activities, advertising, credit claiming and position taking. He suggest that these three components make up the larger part of Congressional action and eventually bolster the objective of reelection. Mayhew gives many examples of Congressmen allocating their resources to these three activities, and using these actions to get reelected. I believe that the theory Mayhew posits is valid, and there are many modern examples of congressman devoting most of their congressional activity to actions that will get them reelected.
Mayhem suggest that one of the three basic activities congressman partake in to get reelected is advertising. Members of Congress will engage in many activities that broadcast their name among constituents in a way that creates a positive image about them. They will make their names synonymous with many favorable qualities, such as integrity, experience, knowledge, concern and sincerity. Displaying the congressmen in such a positive light helps him to be known and increases the chance of him getting reelected. An example of a congressman using advertising in Mayhem’s book is former U.S. Representative Charles C. Diggs. He says that “For over twenty years Congress-man Charles C. Diggs, Jr. (D., Mich) has run a radio program featuring himself as a “combination disc jockey-commentator and minister” ( Mayhew, 160). Clearly Diggs broadcasted himself among people as a positive image. The political activity of advertising is not only relevant in the past, but also relevant today. During midterm elections Members of Congress will often make adverti...

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...ew, 165). He also claims that his position isn’t inconsistent, he just approaches different people differently. Using position taking to receive positive views from constituents is definitely relevant today. An example of this is when Congressmen Mark Schrauer took his stance against the Affordable Care Act in a speech in 2010 (Anonymous, 160). For Members of Congress taking position on certain issues is a critical part of them getting reelected.
According to Mayhem one of the main objectives of members of Congress is to get reelected. In order to do this they will partake in three important political activities that will help them be viewed favorably by their constituent. These activities are advertising, position taking and credit claiming. These three critical activities has been relevant in politics throughout American history and they are still relevant today.

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