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Congress Is The National Legislative Body Of A Country Essays

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There are three national governing institutes includes, Congress, the Presidency and the Bureaucracy. Congress is the national legislative body of a country. According to the Morone, The congress is also known as the people’s Branch (352). The constitution put the congress at the center of American government. Like most of the other national legislatures, congress is bicameral, compromising two houses: The senate and the House of Representatives. Congress is most likely to win all the public approvals, which is why it was least popular branch until now. But today, Congress is less popular than at any time in modern history and less popular than most other political figures and institutions—including the Internal Revenue Service, witches, zombies, and hipsters. Based on opinion surveys and other research, the public of America dislikes partisan fighting and gridlock which makes it so unpopular (Morone, 352).
The Constitution reserves almost all the powers of the Government for Congress. However, the checks and balances and separation of powers apply, thus: “Congress is constitutionally strong and structurally weak!” There are several reasons why congress is unpopular, one of them is because Congress makes its’ own rules, What is good for the member is not necessarily good for the institution as a whole, means What is good for the members district, is not necessarily good for the nation as a whole. Also, because of all the veto points in Congress, it is extremely difficult to get anything done means once something is done, it is hard to undo. For example, it is extremely difficult to pass legislation through U.S. Congress.
Congress is an institution in which majority rules, but minorities have a veto. The House is a majoritarian ...

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...across the globe.
The reason Congress is inefficient is that inefficiency protects the institution of democracy in the United States. By making the legislative process difficult and time-consuming, we ensure that any new laws or changes to old laws are carefully reviewed and considered. This doesn 't mean that every new law passed in the United States is a good one — we 've certainly had our share of bad apples — but as a system it definitely beats the brutal efficiency found in authoritarian regimes. Genuine democratic, popular government can be chaotic, but it is essential. Our national legislative branch, our representatives in Congress, must continue to fulfill their democratic duties and be rewarded by the public for doing so. Maybe Congress isn 't perfect. But, in all its lethargic glory, is keeping democracy safe for you, your children and your grandchildren.

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