The Congress Hall As A Citizen For 7 Years Essay

The Congress Hall As A Citizen For 7 Years Essay

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The Congress Hall is where the United States Congress met from 1790 to 1800 after signing the United States Constitution. The original U.S Capitol from 1803 to 1851 was damaged during the War of 1812 with Britain in Washington, D.C.. In the original U.S. Capitol, the House Chamber was on the left and the Senate Chamber was on the right. Also, the Senate Chamber was use as U.S. Supreme Court for a period of time. U.S. Capital is use for holiday events, presidential inauguration, lie-in-state or funerals, hold the coffin while in state, artworks, exhibition galleries, make laws, State of Union Speech, movies sets, view government in action, concert venue, political rallies, and protests. The qualifications to run for the U.S. House are to be a citizen for 7 years and at least 25 years old. For U.S. Senate, you have to be a citizen for 9 years, at least 30 years old. For both, you will need your residence in your state/district. I am not qualify to run for any of the offices because I am not 25 years old and haven’t been a citizen for 7 years.
The members of U.S. House are elected by the sub-state districts. The U.S. House has 435 members, and each member has two year terms. Constitutional House has the powers to impeaches president and judges and originate all revenue tax. The U.S. House district size can be around 700,000, and the number of districts are based on U.S. Census. The members of U.S. Senate are elected by entire states. The Senate has 100 members and 2 members per state. Every members has six year term. U.S. Senate tries anyone impeached and gives “advice and consent” to major presidential appointments and treaties. Both Congress and Senate has to agree with a bill before it can go to the president. Each of the House...

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... After this, the committee discussed and voted the bill again. If passed, the bill was assigned to a date on the Congress calendar to be heard. Once the date is reached, the bill will be voted in the Senate. If it is passed by the Senate, then the House will vote. If the House agree with the bill, the final version of the three each party must approve the move will return a final vote. Once adopted, the president must approve. If it is veto by the president, Congress can overthrow it by two-thirds vote of both Houses. This process is similar to the school’s student government system. First, you will have to give a idea to the president. If the president and the members agree, then it will go to the principle. After principle agreed, it will go to the superintendent. After agreed by the superintendent, then they can take the action of doing whatever the idea they had.

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