Essay about Congestive Heart Failure Of The United States For Both Men And Women

Essay about Congestive Heart Failure Of The United States For Both Men And Women

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Congestive heart failure is the leading cause of death in the United States for both men and women. The fatality rate within the first 5 years of diagnosis is about 50%, and these rates are increasing. To date, doctors have diagnosed 5.1 million people with this fatal disease (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention n.pag.).

Many different symptoms/warning signs leave a trail that leads to the diagnosis of heart failure; rapid weight gain, shortness of breath, and having to sit up in an inclined position to sleep reign as the most common symptoms. To diagnose heart failure, a doctor must do an echocardiogram on an individual; an echocardiogram radiates sound waves through the heart so the doctor can determine whether the heart pumps blood throughout the body efficiently or if the heart functions incorrectly (Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement n.pag).

Congestive heart failure means that one either has an enlarged heart that becomes stiff and cannot properly pump blood throughout the body or an overly worked heart that becomes fatigued and does not have the strength to pump blood and nutrients to the rest of the body. When this occurs, the lungs fill up with the extra oxygenated blood that has not yet pumped through the heart to the rest of the body. Fluid can also collect in limbs and other organs of the body as well, including the kidneys and brain. This excess fluid can lead to other detrimental diseases such as kidney disease, diabetes, dementia, and Alzheimer 's (Harvard Health Publications n. pag.). Unfortunately, many factors contribute to someone getting diagnosed with heart failure.

One of the major causes of congestive heart failure is an unhealthy diet. A diet containing an abundance of satura...

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