Essay on Congestive Heart Failure ( Chf ) Is Becoming More Prevalent Every Day

Essay on Congestive Heart Failure ( Chf ) Is Becoming More Prevalent Every Day

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Congestive heart failure (CHF) is becoming more prevalent every day. According to a recent study of in Modern Medicine by Leibovitch, 1999, due to the aging population in the U.S. the incidence of CHF in older adults is now a primary illness that growing exponentially (Leibovitch, 1999). Treatment and therapy for CHF patients has improved remarkably resulting in better prognoses for heart disease, and aiding patients to live longer and more fulfilling lives resulting in an increase in the prevalence rate. There are multiple types of heart failure: systolic or diastolic, forward or backward, left-sided or right-sided, or a combination of these. Acute episodes of heart failure has a precipitating cause. Typically caused by a shift in demand towards cardiac output when heart failure is well compensated. A few scenarios that may have precipitated this event are: infection, anemia, arrhythmia, or any condition in which results in hypoxemia and or new cardiac damage. If the underlying cause is addressed and treated improvement will ensue (Leibovitch, 1999).
Poor systolic function is the leader of the dysfunctions of heart failure. It was not until after the late 1970s it was learned that poor systolic function was the result of longstanding hypertension or rheumatic heart disease. Since the early detection and treatment of hypertension and rheumatic heart disease significant progression has been made in therapy for ischemic heart disease (Leibovitch, 1999).
The purpose statement of the study is to describe the fatigue experienced by CHF patients with myocardial or valvular disorders. Also to determine the relationship between selected objective parameters and the severity of fatigue in CHF patients. Levine’s Conservation Mo...

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...he stay. The qualitative data collected was analyzed using content analysis of words representing descriptors of the fatigue experience. The Stat Pak micro-computer program was used to analyze all quantitative data (Waionick, 1987) (Schaefer & Potylycki, 1993, p. 262).
Congestive heart failure with accompanied fatigue is a persistent disparity that results in overwhelming exhaustion and interference with functional ability. Fatigue can be further classified by severity and is subjective to each patient potentially influenced by age, fitness level, and adaptability (Schaefer & Potylycki, 1993). Levine’s conservation model is applicable for patients suffering from fatigue. Interventions that were supportive and therapeutic in origin were established by utilization of the conservation principles which fostered adaptation and sustained wholeness within the patients.

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