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Essay Congenital And Left Heart Syndrome

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Congenital Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome
Congenital hypoplastic left heart syndrome is a severe heart condition that is not curable. However, surgical advances have helped change the outcome of this heart condition. Once a severe heart condition that was classified as fatal has since been changed to not knowing how long a child will survive with this condition. If surgery is not succeeded within the first month of the child’s life, it lowers the chance of survival for the child. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence of the cause of congenital hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Congenital hypoplastic left heart syndrome is not a curable condition.
Congenital hypoplastic left heart syndrome refers to a severe birth defect that results from abnormal development of the left side of the heart that affects normal blood flow from the left ventricular. Congenital hypoplastic left heart syndrome is a heart condition that is diagnosed at birth. The problem occurs when the child is in the womb when the left ventricular does not properly form. Congenital hypoplastic left heart syndrome not only affects the left ventricular but it also effects the development of the aorta, entrance and exit of the ventricle, and mitral and aortic valves. (Schumacher, 2013) When the left ventricular is deformed, it causes the right side of the heart to work extra hard to pump blood throughout the body. Eventually, the right side of the heart ends up failing from having to work too hard. That is why surgery is a must.
Surgical advances throughout the years have changed the prognosis of this heart condition that was once classified as fatal. This rare heart condition affects roughly 900 newborns each year in the United States resulting wi...

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...drome is hereditary and occurs more in males than females. There is no scientific proof of what the cause of this heart condition is but studies are still being done to determine the cause of this severe heart condition.
Congenital hypoplastic left heart syndrome is a scary condition to be born with. It is proven that if a child does not have surgery to reconstruct the heart, the condition will be fatal. Surgery is the first and only option for a child born with this severe and rare condition. A child has to undergo surgery days after they are born with more surgeries to follow if they survive after the first. One born with this condition will have to deal with a heart problem the rest of their life since there is no cure. The cause of hypoplastic left heart syndrome is still unknown but the survival rate for someone with this condition increases each year.

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