Essay on Confucius and the Warrant State Period

Essay on Confucius and the Warrant State Period

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Life was harsh and tumultuous during the Warring States Period, a time of political and social change, in China. It was an era of excessive violent warfare, bureaucratic and military renovations and fortification. These distressing periods of time gave birth and rise to copious philosophical ideas and influential philosophers. The primary philosophy schools of the time were Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism. During the Warrant State Period, these three different branches of ideas assisted in reassembling a reliable and lasting government. Of the three different schools, Confucius’ ideas were most crucial for reestablishing a stable and secure government in order to gain the trust of the citizens once again. Confucius sought to provide the resolution to the Warring States Period and to lead his beloved nation close to a utopia state by supplying the leaders of the country with proper instructions for how to lead the civilization in order to build an everlasting empire.
Confucius provided guidance on perfecting one self and how to be a well-respected and beloved leader in Doctrine of Mean. The respected teacher stressed that the main goal is not to obtain a perfect state, but instead one should always desire to go beyond their current state. An individual must follow the Path of Duty and not leave the path. On his stance on stabilizing the government and building the trust, he expressed that “He concealed what was bad in them and displayed what was good. He took hold of their two extremes, determined the Mean, and employed it in his government of the people” (Confucius). The great philosopher believed that a strong central government should be built with people that possess both extreme but is balanced in the middle. Only then, wi...

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...ocial structures, unity, and honor and respect strengthen the Chinese civilization to prevent the disunity and strife of the Warring States Period from reoccurring. With his incessant love for his nation and his beliefs, he played a key role in reconstructing a sound political and social order.

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