Essay about Conformity : Why Schools Should Support It

Essay about Conformity : Why Schools Should Support It

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Conformity: Why Schools Should Support it
In the morning before school, picking out an outfit can be difficult. There are many questions to consider like; “Do I want to be different?”, “What will people think of this outfit?”, “Does this show who I am?” This can be very stressful, and cause complications when it comes to identifying yourself and making difficult decisions. Problems that come with individuality can easily be avoided and refocused with conformity. School uniforms positively impact of the learning environment by ensuring student safety, psychological growth, and academic performance.
To begin with, the normal safety dilemmas many non-uniform schools face can easily be avoided with school uniforms. Statistics show that school dress codes decrease the total amount of substance use among students and overall behavioral problems. Undergraduates will be more apt to behave instead of speaking out against the authorities with reckless decisions. Research shows that when comparing uniform schools to non-uniform schools, there are .11% less absences, .16% less behavioral problems, and .03% less substance use in schools with uniforms (Brunsma). Although these are extremely small percentages, these are still children’s’ lives, and each one is now being helped in a new way. “…Students in uniforms will display behaviors consistent with the institutional goals of the school. Inconsistent attendance, disciplinary behavior problems, and substance abuse represent student behaviors that are non-representative of the values of public high schools” (Brunsma). Overall, school uniforms positively impact important statistics in the school setting.
While bullying occurs in every school, the presence of school uniforms will ultimately reduc...

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... structured. For example, when it is time for students to apply for a job they know how to act professional and how to behave because they learned manners and structure while conforming in school.
In conclusion, school dress codes increase conformity in schools, which is an overall better learning environment in all aspects. School safety will be reinforced and better than ever with every student conforming to the rules provided by their superiors. Students will experience positive psychological growth through a sense of unity and ‘fitting in’. Academic performance in schools will be at an all-time high because once the students get positive reinforcement for doing good, they will be more motivated to do it again and again. Conformity in schools through dress codes is an overall better outcome for not only the school district but also for the students in many ways.

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