Essay about Conformity : The Crucible And Conversion

Essay about Conformity : The Crucible And Conversion

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Both the struggles of young women to conform to standards set by their societies and the struggles of all people to uphold their reputations—in the Puritan culture and today’s world—are prominent issues displayed in The Crucible and Conversion. These societal standards put unjust pressure on women to appear “perfect.” Whether it is as an ideal Puritan, a loyal friend, or a prepared college girl, everyone wants to have a pristine reputation. Conformity is often seen as a way to be perfect and obtain a perfect reputation, when in reality, it is not. Seen mostly in young women in The Crucible, conformity plays a role in causing the problems which eventually result in multiple deaths. In the Puritan society, everyone knew everything about the members of the community, and it was hard to keep secrets. People’s reputations were very important and easily tarnished. This way of life also applies today. The problem with the importance of these reputations is that once they are set, it is difficult to be seen in any other way. In both The Crucible and Conversion, people struggle to maintain a good reputation and to be viewed as acceptable by their peers.
In The Crucible, the main struggle of all women is to be a perfect Puritan, wife, or friend, while the men struggle to uphold their reputations without sullying anyone else’s. Elizabeth Proctor is a prime example of a Puritan woman who strives to be the perfect wife. She demonstrates this by cooking for her husband and putting effort into cooking for him. When he compliments her food, she blushes, which exemplifies her desire to please him and to be a good wife for him. Elizabeth also forgives John for having an affair with Abigail. Even though John accuses her of judging him for his affa...

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...tempt or pretend to be something she is not. Like all teenage girls, these St. Joan’s students struggle with upholding their reputations and with conformity in the forms of college, boys, and popularity.
Although perfection may seem ideal, it is okay to not conform or try to be perfect. The men and women in both The Crucible and Conversion exemplify this thought. They may try to be perfect, but perfection is unattainable. In Puritan cultures in the past, everyone struggled to maintain spotless reputations and to be the perfect wife, husband, or Christian. Even today, people strive to have good reputations and to be the overall perfect person. These hopes are unreachable, yet people in the past and present struggled and still struggle to be something they can never be. Although everyone just wants to be accepted, perfection is not always the way to achieve acceptance.

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