Conformity Is A Social Concept Essay

Conformity Is A Social Concept Essay

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This paper discusses how conformity can effect a large number of individuals and this is an important topic because conformity is a social concept that effects people in everyday life, yet many don 't take notice of what is going on. It is important to know how conformity has been incorporated into our daily lives, in order to later notice the effects conformity has on the individual. For this experiment the hypothesis we tested was that people were more likely to conform to a larger group of people than a smaller group of people to stop and see what was going with the entertainment being provided by an artist. There were a total of 114 participants used for this experiment, 14 were participants who collected data and conducted the experiment as the observers of the artist and the other 100 participants were passersby who were observed to see if they would stop to see the artist and what he was doing or not. The experiment was conducted in two conditions in Grand Central Park, the first condition was two participants as observers of the artist and the second condition was eight participants as observers of the artist. In each condition, the participants who were responsible for collecting the data needed to record until they had reached 50 participants for each condition. However, participants didn 't conform to stop and see what was going on with the artist on either a large or small group of individuals. Our results based on our limitations, demonstrated that their was no significantly different from what was expected by chance. This pattern of our results did not confirm our hypothesis.

Effects of Conformity on Individuals
Many people do not realize conformity is a part of everyday life and that it is completely incor...

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...e experimental group and 102 were in the control group. There was a creation of two, four and six individual groups in where they asked to stand in certain parts of the testing environment, a library, and preform one of two activities, starting at a certain spot in the ceiling or having a discussion, which took two minutes. The rotation continued until all of the social groups had gone. Their pattern of results determined that social groups had a significant influence on passersby’s behaviors. As well as, the passersby were more influence by larger social groups than smaller ones.
Based on the studies listed above, group size and social influence have an effect on conformity. It was hypothesized from this that passersby were more likely to stop and see what was the artist was doing with a larger amount of individuals around the artist than with a smaller amount.

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