Essay about Conformity Explained By Arthur Jenness

Essay about Conformity Explained By Arthur Jenness

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Conformity Explained
Arthur Jenness was the first psychologist to study conformity. In 1932 Jenness conducted an experiment incorporating a glass bottle full of beans. He asked each of the participants for their estimate of the beans in the bottle separately. Jenness then divided the participants into groups, and asked them to come up with a group estimate after discussing how many beans were thought to be in the bottle. Jenness asked the members participating in the experiment to, again, estimate the amount of beans in the bottle on their own. He proceeded to interview the participants separately a second time in order to see if the influence of the majority would effect the members original estimates. Jenness asked them each if they would like to adjust their initial estimates, or if they concurred with the group’s conjecture. Almost the entirety of the participants altered their guesses to numbers similar to the group’s estimate (McLeod).
Conformity can be interpreted in multiple ways, but pertaining to psychology it can be simply defined as a change in an individuals behavior because of a person or group (Breckler, Olson, & Wiggins, Social Psychology Alive, 2006). Conformity is the most prevalent of social influences that people are exposed to. It is recognized as an adverse tendency by American culture, although it is actually quite common. Leon Mann ascertained that conformity can be broken down into three categories consisting of normative, informational, and identification.
Normative conformity is defined as succumbing to peer pressure in order to fit in with a certain social group. It is also interpreted as the act of changing due to fear of being rejected by a group. Normative conformity in most cases consists of comp...

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...ple in high school tend to conform to fit in with each other and gain their peers acceptance and not be considered “weird”. Social influences involve acting a particular way in order to be perceived as “normal” by the people around you. For most, it is crucially important to fit in with a peer group. The need for acceptance from a group tends to result in a teen trying to emulate the other members of the group, appearance and behavior being some of the factors.
There is no way to avoid conforming to others, it is part of being a human. People naturally conform to others views, behaviors, and mindsets. It is an inevitable part of life that every individual is continually faced with all the way through out life. Without conformity, society would not function the way it does now. Despite the fact that all humans are individuals, conformity is what makes up our society.

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