Conformity As A Group Of Adolescent Peer Groups Essay

Conformity As A Group Of Adolescent Peer Groups Essay

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Conformity is abundant in a group of adolescent peer groups. Adolescent peer groups often are filled with peer pressure and the need to “be like everyone else” (Simons-Morton, Bruce, and Tilda Farhat.). This peer pressure can cause these adolescents to change who they are and how they act around others. Many adolescents conform to make sure they don’t stand out or go against popular opinion. In the Stanford Prison Experiment, the guards and the inmates conformed to their roles and if they did not they would look out of place and be punished ("THE STORY: AN OVERVIEW OF THE EXPERIMENT."). The inmates that did not conform to the guard’s rules were often beaten and abused. The inmates that did conform to the guard’s rules wouldn’t receive punishments and beatings if they followed all the rules. The Stanford Prison experiment, shows how a group of adolescents/young adults can choose conformity or nonconformity in a setting that forces the student to pick ("THE STORY: AN OVERVIEW OF THE EXPERIMENT."). Conformity in young adult/adolescent peer groups is common because students just want to fit in a particular social setting. There are three big factors that urge adolescents to conform are social acceptance, social identity, and survival.
Conformity especially in social settings comes back to the peer pressure. Solomon Asch conducted an experiment to investigate the extent of how much group social pressure can cause a person to conform ("Asch Experiment."). In this experiment there were 50 male college students participated in a vision test. Each test consisted of 8 people: 7 students that were involved in the experiment and 1 naive participant. The 7 students involved in the experiment, agreed in advance what their responses would be ...

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...riment and The Stanford Experiment, conformity was seen as a way of survival and a search for social acceptance ("THE STORY: AN OVERVIEW OF THE EXPERIMENT."). Asch experiment tested how group peer pressure can cause another person to go against what they know is right, just to go with the popular, incorrect opinion ("Asch Experiment."). Conformity can all bring people together, like when American citizens band together to protect the United States of America. Social Identity, shoes that adolescents are susceptible to change to fin their social identity. Things that can be done to combat conformity are breaking up of the clique mentality, teaching uniqueness in school, and giving adolescents the opportunity to create their own social identity. Conformity is bittersweet topic because there are definitely benefits in certain situations of conforming and not conforming.

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