The Conflicts Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare Essay

The Conflicts Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare Essay

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The Conflicts of Hamlet
Shakespeare’s character of Hamlet was probably the most conflicted man I have ever read about. You have probably heard a people having family and internal problems before, but not like Hamlets problems. To start things off, Prince Hamlet was royalty. He had to live up to the expectations of his former relatives, or former kings and queens of Denmark. In the play of Hamlet, Prince Hamlet only trusted one person. That person was his friend, Horatio. Horatio was the only person on his side throughout the play. The conflicts for Prince Hamlet started with his father, King Hamlet, being murdered. Prince Hamlet was then left to become the rightful heir to the throne of Denmark. All of the sudden his uncle Claudius, his father’s brother, marries Hamlet’s mother, Queen Gertrude. His uncle Claudius would take Prince Hamlet’s rightful throne right out from under him. As all of this nonsense is happening to Prince Hamlet’s family, Horatio and a group of men see the ghost of King Hamlet. Horatio tells Prince Hamlet what he saw, and although he is skeptical, he still trusts Horatio. The ghost of his father tells his son some very interesting information about the new King Claudius. The tensions around the kingdom heighten between Prince Hamlet and his original parent along with his new uncle father. Prince Hamlet even became very suicidal because of his conflicts with almost everyone in the play. There were also some smaller conflicts in Prince Hamlet’s outer and inner life. He had many different possible issues with his mother. He also had some relationship conflict with his girlfriend Ophelia. Ophelia had an overprotective and skeptical father named Polonius. The conflict between Prince Hamlet and Polonius was very s...

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...had a son named Laertes. While Prince Hamlet was burying Ophelia in her grave, Laertes shows up. Laertes blames Prince Hamlet for the death of his father and sister. He argues that he loved Ophelia more than Prince Hamlet. He challenges Prince Hamlet to a fight with a poisoned sword. Claudius was behind all of the poisoning. He poisoned Gertrude by accident by trying to kill Prince Hamlet. In the end, Prince Hamlet and Laertes kill each other. Before Prince Hamlet dies, he kills King Claudius. The throne was now open for Prince Fortinbras to take the throne.
Prince Hamlet faced a lot of outer and inner conflicts, but he brought some of those conflicts upon himself. All of his conflicts caused his own demise. The actions and conflicts of Hamlet show that two wrongs never make a right. His conflictions blinded him from what was important in his life during the play.

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