Conflicts Of Antigone By Sophocles Essay example

Conflicts Of Antigone By Sophocles Essay example

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There are many conflicts that occur in Antigone by Sophocles. Many of these conflicts are man versus man and man versus self. There is one main conflict, which is man versus government, that leads to the several other conflicts that occur in the play. The overarching conflict forces many of the main characters to make decisions that test their strength, loyalty, piety, and integrity.
The overarching conflict that will mold the rest of the plot occurs when Antigone is in conflict with Creon. This conflict is representative of family versus government. Antigone does not share the same beliefs as the state. She makes a decision and acts on her beliefs. Due to her rebellious act against what the government has put in place Antigone runs into an issue and in she will be punished by the state and forced to reside in a cave.
Antigone’s punishment is created because she goes against the laws of the state, created by her uncle Creon. Creon’s claim to the throne is not ordinary. He gains the kingdom of Thebes after King Oedipus blinds himself and goes off into exile. After Oedipus left, one of his two sons, Eteocles and Polynices, are supposed to gain the kingdom, however, the two brothers get into a fight to the death and Creon is given the throne. Creon favors Eteocles so he gave him a proper burial unlike Polynices. He left Polynices in the street to be picked at by scavengers. He even goes as far to make it a law that if anyone buries the body they will be sentenced to death. Antigone does not think it is just and humane for her brother to be left out on the street like an animal so she decides to break the law and bury her brother. This action will cause so much conflict within her family. The conflict begins when Antigone is caught...

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... he will appear weak. His actions led to the death of Antigone, his son Haemon, and his wife Eurydices. Now he is faced with living with his actions for the rest of his life because everyone that is close to him has now passed and he has no one.
Antigone teaches a lot of valuable lessons to the audience. Ismene teaches the audience that you should not wait until the last minute to stick up for what is right. You have to fight for the fair treatment of others and demand respect. Antigone teaches the audience that no matter who opposes you from believing in divinity and just laws to stick to your guns. Perseverance and integrity are qualities that Antigone instill in the reader. Creon, who learns his lesson the hard way, teaches the audience that you cannot always be so stubborn and hardheaded. It is okay to admit your faults and not be perfect or right all the time.

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