Conflicting Sides over the Expanding Suffrage during the Age of Jackson Essays

Conflicting Sides over the Expanding Suffrage during the Age of Jackson Essays

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What were the major arguments used, pro and con, in the debate over expanding suffrage during the Age of Jackson? Which arguments were most valid? There was many arguments between the two conflicting sides over the expanding suffrage during the Age of Jackson. So, what is suffrage? Suffrage is the right to vote. It was a major debate during the Age of Jackson. Jackson was born in the Carolinas. Carolina at the time was an agrarian state. Jackson supported both, the agrarian society and the common man. Before Jackson, suffrage was only given to the majority who owned a certain amount of land. It was not a big problem because a majority of people owned land before Jackson. By the time Jackson took his place as president, cities grew and land became harder to own. After Jackson took his place, the western frontier states were the first to start allowing all white males to vote. Politicians in the East were influenced and wanted more voters so they, too, revised their constitution to take away the property ownership requirement for voting. The state that had the most difficult time adapting was Virginia. Virginia was an aristocratic state so the aristocrats rejected the ideas of letting the common people have suffrage. A long time after most states dropped the property requirement for voting did Virginia finally drop the requirement in 1851. This tells us that aristocrats with land supported the property ownership requirement and people with little or no land supported the opposite. Major arguments were made by Nathan Sanford, James Kent, and George Bancroft.
Nathan Sanford was a New York Senate, delegate to the New York State Constitutional Convention, and Chancellor of New York. New York held a convention to revise the state const...

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...te. The landowner votes and a president with radical ideas is elected. The next thing that happens is, the country falls into chaos. If the law allowed all white men to vote, then there would be no corrupt politicians. The masses could choose the president that is best for people as a whole.
These people made some major arguments in the debate of expanding suffrage. People like Sanford made arguments that were invalid in my opinion. The result of this debate ended with the expansion of suffrage. Now, all white men can vote. I think Bancroft’s argument was the best in expressing my views, but I think Kent’s argument was the most persuasive out of them all. The expansion of suffrage led to more public involvement with the government which is good in many ways. After the expansion, polls could be now written, and people could read and hear more about political parties.

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