The Conflict With The Flight Team 's Officer Representative Essay

The Conflict With The Flight Team 's Officer Representative Essay

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After analyzing the case and discussing the tensions with the flight team’s officer representative, we decided that protecting one’s personal honor and integrity should be what the division officer should focus on the most. Another topic that was brought up was the fact that since the sailors were in school, the blame cannot be put on them for not getting the work that needed to be done completed. Although it is essential to trust the senior enlisted in the division, in the constitutional paradigm mission is placed above the ship. Therefore, siding with the chief and signing off in an area that is not ready could potentially jeopardize the mission if the ship had to be deployed at a moment’s notice. Even though it may not be a popular decision at the time, we came to the conclusion that the best option is to have the whole division come in the weekend before the inspection to actually complete the work that needed to be done so that the sign off could be done with integrity. In doing this, we thought it would be important to let the sailors know that this was not their fault, and that in the future they would be given the afternoon off the Friday after the inspection was completed to build morale and motivate the crew.1
As a naval officer, it is very important to maintain your integrity on a daily basis and especially in difficult decisions such as one like this. If a junior sailor found out that their division officer allowed the items that had not been completed to be checked off, that gives them the connotation that always performing the honorable action does not necessarily apply in difficult situations. This is not a positive command climate that a division officer needs to promote.
In regards to whether or not the chief ...

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...rspectives of three different ethical approaches and discussing it with my officer representative, I have come to the conclusion that I will not lie about the items that were not really completed by allowing the chief to sign off the items for the inspection. I am not willing to sacrifice my personal integrity and the division’s integrity just for an inspection. If the work cannot be completed on the weekend, the inspection will go as planned and the division will suffer the consequences for not having the tasks completed. The division will learn from their mistakes and work hard to create a schedule that accounts for absences such as schools so that next time this will not be a problem. As a future division officer, integrity will always come first. Signing off on work that was not completed is wrong, and those actions will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

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