The Conflict Theory Of African American Culture Essay

The Conflict Theory Of African American Culture Essay

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Stereotypes about the African American culture have existed since dispersal of African descent, dating back to the colonial era. They have evolved from slavery, to black face shows, to the modern drug lords and welfare queens. But one stereo typed that has remained constant is that African Americans are inferior to white people in every aspect of life. Through this very stereo type black people are forced to combat prejudice and discrimination in their everyday routine.
The stereotype that’s blacks are inferior to whites originated during the colonial era. According to Realist conflict theory the stereotypes about African Americans formed form the competition for limited resources between European settlers and slaves of African descent (Lecture 3/29/16). This explains the notion that one group had to be inferior in order for the superior group to collect more resources (Lecture 3/29/16). This Realist conflict theory continues today with the battle for economic resources such as jobs. Furthermore one reason the stereotype was able to survive is through decades of social change. It is carried on through generations of European decedents, and other non- Black American groups acquired that stereotype through social learning, watching others who held that stereotype.

Even though a stereotype is formed a bout a particular ethnic group it still has to be maintained in order for it to subsist in a society that’s constantly changing. It is maintained on the behalf of the African American culture through self-fulfilling prophecy. Self-fulfilling prophecy is the tendency to cause a person to act a certain way because of a perceiver’s expectations (Lecture 3/29/16) .In a 1974 Word et al study, White participants were asked to interview...

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..., you will realize that your perceptions of a group are not always accurate, which will ultimately help to combat prejudice. It is possible to change the stereotype about black people. It first start with an attitude change in both Caucasian and black people. From the Caucasian perspective they must accept the fact that all humans have the mental capacity to be successful and to not subtype black people who exceed the societal expectation as atypical or non-representative of their group. And for black people you have to work on combating stereotype threat and self-fulfilling prophecy with actions such as embracing your racial identity and not classifying your abilities by the color of your skin. With the efforts of both groups a new norm can be socialized into the mind of society and America will no longer be hypocritical to the notion that it is land of the free.

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