Conflict Theory and the Movie Glory Road Essay

Conflict Theory and the Movie Glory Road Essay

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Society is based on two groups the people the haves and the have-nots. In the movie Glory Road, the Caucasians are the haves and the African-Americans are the have-nots. The beliefs of a conflict theorist are that there is competition for scarce resources, some form of inequality to maintain, and social change comes about because of the conflicts (Brinkerhoff 10-11).
Conflict theory starts by emphasizing that conflict within society is the normal way of life and that the changing aspects can be understood by identifying the sources of conflict and power. Conflict theory argues that society is thick with conflict and that society does not work within equality; inequalities are expected to exist such as the haves having more power than have-nots. The unequal scattering of resources creates a social arrangement or class structure, which designates social structure and influences the functioning of society. According to Steven Tepper, an Associate Professor of Sociology at Vanderbilt University, “Cultural conflict and moral regulation can serve to demarcate acceptable and unacceptable behavior, high- and low-status lifestyles, in- and outgroup membership, and reputable and disreputable values and beliefs” (Tepper 278).
Caucasian society of 1966 placed restrictions, limits, and expectations that were dependent on race. In the case of the movie Glory Road, African-Americans were not been allowed the achievement of equality in playing NCAA basketball or for that matter school basketball at any level. So, if society consists of inequality and conflict it can be concluded that with placed restrictions and limits on race there would be a power struggle to allow Caucasians to keep a perceived status of being the dominate race. This concept ...

... middle of paper ... be achieved, years, decades, lifetimes, conflict is intended to fulfill this need. Ultimately, conflict theory is about the struggles, ideologies, representations, and power that the haves possess and the have-nots want to exert. These concepts come into play causing conflict between the groups which ends in social change.

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