Essay on Conflict Theory And Its Impact On Society

Essay on Conflict Theory And Its Impact On Society

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The world is a very complex system with over a 100 diverse cultures and norms. Religion, wealth, poverty, and political diversity pull us apart. Since the beginning of time humans were never similar for a purpose. What if we try? Try to find our differences more alike in ways we never thought of. What will happen when these views and perspectives coincides with one another?
Functionalism believes that society needs a system to work. Everything that goes on in a society gives balance to the world. Therefore, wealth will be a massive gear that turn a well oil machine. Wealth is a necessity to the economy and society. A person who has climb the ladder of wealth will be more respect. They believe that if you can acquire the skill set to do the important job instead of coming from a wealthy family.
Moreover, Conflict theory would view wealth as an unequal, impolite, and oblivious part of society. They believe that wealthy people only care about their own kind. With limited knowledge they think that poverty stricken people deserve what they have. Similar to Functionalist, they would have an abundance of respect for people with achieved status. They have tip the scales in their favor.
In contrast of Functionalist and Conflict theory, Interactionism would view on how wealth of people came to be. They believe that past experiences and being born into either role would play great part in their lives. They would respect someone with achieved status. They have defied the odds but would be curious on how they achieved the higher status.

Notably, Gerhard Emmanuel Lenski, Jr. is an American sociologist. He is known for many of his contributions to sociology with his ecological-evolutionary theory. Lenski see society as a whole that underg...

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... my point of view of how the greatest invention would disappear. There is more point of view to the stimulating topic. Functionalist view the disappearance of technology would erupt the flow of society and the system. Interactionist believe that the disappearance of a beloved pastime would only increase face to face interaction between family, friends, and love ones. Creating a stronger bond. Conflict theorist believes that disappearance of technology happens to lower class people. So they will remain uneducated and powerless beneath the upper class men.
Even with all the theories and views of the world, there is one thing you cannot deny. Regardless of background, race, religion differences and political views. There is but one Earth. There is but one human race You only have one chance on beautiful globe. With only one life so live it the best way you know how.

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