Conflict Resolution Quarterly Or International Negotiation Essay examples

Conflict Resolution Quarterly Or International Negotiation Essay examples

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Conflict Resolution Quarterly or International Negotiation
The article written by Roger J. Volkema et al., “Truth or Consequences: The Effects of Competitive-Unethical Tactics on Negotiation Process and Outcomes”, serves as an examination of the negotiation process. In conducting the study, the authors decide to employ seven competitive and unethical tactics in dyadic negotiations. They further proceed by examining the initial use of the seven competitive and unethical tactics and their effects on the process of negotiation as well as their outcomes. The authors end the article by giving a discussion and conclusion based on their findings and analysis.
Literature Review
As a framework for their research, the authors choose to employ the theory of planned behavior by Azjen and Fishbein which indicates that; the attitudes or beliefs of a person affect his or her intentionality, which also affects his or her actual behavior in turn. The theory further suggests that the linkages between behaviors, intentions and attitudes are further influenced by several control factors that are capable of inhibiting behavioral performance. In the article, the authors provide a diagram for the model which shows linkages between one situational factor and another. The linkages are stated as follows: A-O (links attitude and outcome), A-B (links attitude and behavior), A-I (links attitude and intentions), I-B (links intentions and behavior), B-O (links behavior and outcome) and I-O (links intentions and outcomes).
Based on the linkages from the models, the authors further provide details of studies that have been conducted before based on the specific linkages as well as their individual outcomes. As regards to the first linkage which is A-...

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...tanding of the negotiation process and how to facilitate better cooperation between the relevant parties when negotiating. I feel that the use of electronic mail as a medium for the study is a good choice due to the fact that negotiators are more likely to resort to ethically ambiguous negotiation tactics through it as opposed to face to face. Furthermore the use of electronic media is only going to increase further due to advancements in technology. That being the case, I think that the study has taken an important step into limiting the use of unethical tactics when negotiating via electronic media. Even though the some of the effects of competitive unethical negotiation process and outcome are not quite conclusive in the study, a further understanding of the dynamics involved would more than likely guarantee better outcomes as well as a smooth negotiation process.

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