Conflict Recovery Of Romantic Relationships Essay

Conflict Recovery Of Romantic Relationships Essay

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Conflict Recovery in Romantic Relationships
Conflict in a romantic relationship is inevitable and how well partners resolve conflict between each other is crucial to understanding how relationships function and maintain successfulness. In past years, researchers have not focused a lot on how romantic partners recover from hurtful conflict discussions between each other. It has been proven that conflict management and recovery in relationships are consistent with the quality of early care that the partner received as a child, which leads to how an individual self-regulates in later years (Salvatore, Kuo, Steele, Simpson, & Collins, 2011). According to Simon and Furman (2010), studies are flourishing with research that shows that a child with high exposure to parents that have relationship conflicts truly effects the social development and conflict management of the child as they grow into adults. Autonomy in a relationship can be defined as, “To be self-determined means to be relatively self-governing in one’s behavior—that one’s actions are autonomous, freely chosen, and fully endorsed by the self rather than coerced or pressured.” (Knee, Lonsbary, Canevello, & Patrick, 2005). Those who possess autonomy in romantic relationships tend to obtain the ability to hurdle over obstacles and challenges that approach throughout a romantic relationship and see conflicts as opportunities to improve relationships rather than give up on them (Knee, Lonsbary, Canevello, & Patrick, 2005). In a relationship, whether it be platonic or romantic, conflicts and arguments are always going to occur and sometimes benefits the relationship by alleviating the escalation of built up tension and conflict (Aloia & Solomon, 2014). While focusing on romantic ...

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...lack of research that has been done on conflict recovery in romantic relationships. Each individual recovers from conflict in unique ways which can make or break a relationship. During the process of recovering from conflict, it is in one’s best interest to subtract the rewards from the costs in order to see if one outweighs the other which will help determine the fate of the relationship. Overall, conflict is a stressful part of life, but it is helpful for growth in romantic relationships.
H1: Hurtful verbal communication during conflict can negatively impact how an individual recovers from the conflict
H2: How an individual is raised in early years, in regards to observing interparental conflict, will affect how the individual manages and recovers from conflict in adulthood
H3: Different genders impact how individuals recover from conflict due to attachment styles

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