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Conflict Of The American Civil War Essay example

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One of the first areas of conflict of the American Civil War was the bombardment of Fort Sumter in South Carolina with Gen. Robert Anderson as well as Gen. P. G. T. Beauregard. This comparison of reports starts after the Confederacy gets orders to set out to Fort Sumter and once the Union received word of this. The Union and Confederate Armies had in some places similar views on the evacuation as well as the bombardment. In other places they had varying actions and standpoints on how the situation of Fort Sumter would unfold. An example would include how the confederate reports give a feelings of nonchalant, idealistic behavior while the Union report gives off feelings of fearful and idealistic behavior. If dissected properly, the reader can see that the Union was all for leaving under small conditions but the Confederacy was not interested in negotiation. The two reports written before the attack on the fort showed both sides knew an attack was coming if the request to evacuate was not fulfilled. Understanding the differences between the reports starts with understanding the event then comparing emotions, tone, motives, and other perspectives of the respective reports.
The Confederate report clearly stated that Hon. L. P. Walker “desired not to damage the fort unnecessarily, and make another effort to avoid any useless effusion of blood .” Confederate forces wanted a peaceful resolve to the scenario. Beauregard 's men requested Anderson evacuate peacefully and cease the flow of supplies and there would be no problem. These requests soon appeared to be declined by the occupants of the fort so the opposition was left no choice but to start to fire on the fort at 4:30 A.M on April 12, 1861. The confederacy did not belie...

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...arities as well as huge differences. The largest difference emerging from respective attitudes towards the scenario at hand. Comparing two civil war reports is an excellent means of finding unknown information the average eye could not catch from studying the topic. The Union reports definitely show signs of fear turned determination while the Confederate reports show a lack of sympathy for the opposing side. The underhanded things showed in these two reports can open up anyone 's eye. The common misconception of completely insensitive, obnoxious southerners and fearless Union soldiers is dismissed here, these pieces hide more than what is believed by a good percentage of the population. There is a certain complexity to these reports that can not be seen by the naked eye. This has to be put under a magnifying glass and examined further than a casual read.

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