Conflict Of Intimacy Vs. Isolation Essay

Conflict Of Intimacy Vs. Isolation Essay

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Erick Erickson developmental theory is one of the most influential theories in human development. His stages of development elaborate on ambiguous developmental period in which he characterizes conflict of Intimacy vs. Isolation in young adult, Generativity vs Stagnation in middle adulthood and Integrity vs. Despair in late adulthood (Schwartz, 2001). Erickson’s developmental stages theory paves the way for in-depth research on social developmental changes that occurred from young adulthood (18-25), middle adulthood (26-39), to late adulthood (40-67). In his developmental research on social relationships, Berndt (2002) found that friendships vary in term of quality, stability, intimacy and number. These changes are link to socioemotional selectivity theory, which explains how across the lifespan, individuals gradually interact with fewer people as they deliberately withdraw from social contact in peripheral relationship, while maintaining or increasing involvement in relationships with family and close friends (Carstensen, 1993).
Social relationships can be understood from many levels including types of relationships, emotional involvement and influence (Fingerman & Lang, 2004). Relationships can be more about deep emotional factors which give the confidence to share personal information with close friends and family members (Dunér & Nordstrom, 2007) or, it could be determine by few interactions distancing from deeper level of relationships (Wenger & Jerrome, 1999). For instance, young adults utilize Facebook for at least 10 to 120 minutes a day and have close to 150 to 350 friends on Facebook (Skues, Williams & Wise, 2012). However, while the Facebook social network is considered as clique of close circ...

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... stages. However, some variation and possible novelty surfaced in this period of the lifespan. According to (Clark, Ouellette, Powell, & Milberg, 1987), in late adulthood, social interactions are more about communal orientation. Meaning that in this stage, friendships are deeply about the welfare of friends, concerns for friend’s well-being, and support, which portrayed this stage mainly about high quality relations. In his research, Field (1999) reported that late adults’ deep care for friend’s well-being is understandable for the fact that, older adults are in the stage where health issues often emerge, therefore, a sense of vulnerability arised. However, normative life events that retained social interactions in middle adulthood decrease because they are most likely release from family restraint, workforce responsibility and past personal obligations (Field, 1999).

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