The Conflict Of Conflict Trap And Mushroom Syndrome Essay

The Conflict Of Conflict Trap And Mushroom Syndrome Essay

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Comparison Calm City
Scoring the conflict pollutants as compared with Harvey and Droplet (2006, p. 134) I scored heavier on the pollutants than the author. For example I scored a point higher in the areas of ; presences above principles, undue expectations, poor feedback skills, negativism/joylessness, poor problem ownership, premature solution. The authors and I agree in the areas of conflict trap and mushroom syndrome. Even though I did score some conflict pollutants higher the authors and I agree that poor feedback, mushroom syndrome and time were the mayor conflict pollutants, with the exception that I also included undue expectations.
In the area of kinds of conflict the authors and I agree in our testing results. The difference is that I included perceptual conflict because the person filing the grievance perceived him being targeted not knowing the reasons why other staff members were able to leave early and he was reprimanded for doing the same.
In the area of strategy the author and I differ in the way specific strategies that should be implements. The authors focuses on discussing norms of operation with Tom, conducting a RAT and a meeting with Marge. I saw this in a broader sense and create norms, expectations, procedures for the entire administrative department to create clear and precise norms for the management team and eventually the organization.
Comparison Elite University
Scoring the conflict pollutants as compared with Harvey and Droplet (2006, p. 134) our scores varied per category. For example I scored a point higher in the areas of; presences above principles, negativism/joylessness, and premature solution. I scored a point lover in the areas of poor ownership and undue expectations. The author and...

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...due expectations, poor feedback skills, and that premature solutions were the pollutants that caused the conflict.
Kinds of Conflict:
The types of conflict that were observed were; perceptual, interpersonal and boundary conflicts.
General Strategy:
General strategy would be to create procedures, a mechanism to come up with solutions for problems/issues that arise and expectations. This should be done in a transparent way with everyone’s input.
Specific Strategy:
Specific strategies would be setting norms and procedures with a feedback mechanism that allows everyone to listen, problem solve. This will allow transparency and problem solving skills to develop and when problems, needed fixes/improvements, misunderstanding and/or miscommunications occur there is a procedure in place to clarify and address any issues that come up before it becomes an issue.

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