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The Conflict Of A Conflict Essay

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Folger, Poole and Stutman (2013) state that a conflict is “the interaction of interdependent people who perceive incompatibility and the possibility of interference from others as a result of this incompatibility” (pg. 4). Jill and Dan definitely seem to have a conflict throughout the case study. To start off their conflict, it doesn’t seem that Jill and Dan were the best at interacting with each other. It came across that Dan was just throwing Jill’s request to the side to forget about it. Along with their interaction not being great, their communication between them was not clear on what each of them needed. Jill never stated exactly when she needed her update and Dan didn’t tell her when he would have the time to formally talk to her about it. Jill perceived that Dan wasn’t going to help her so when she went to talk to the trustees, that’s when the real conflict started. Dan seemed to think that Jill got him in trouble. Hocker and Wilmot (2014) mention that to have a conflict , it includes having scarce resources. Jill needed an update and couldn’t get that on her own. Dan was short staffed and didn’t have time at the moment to help. That scarcity of resources could have been the main reason for the conflict. When Jill and Dan were told to go to the meeting at the head office, I think they were then able to explain both sides and come to a conclusion as to how to get what needed to be done, done.
When looking at this conflict from the psychodynamic perspective, the first thing to look at is anxiety. Anxiety in conflict can manifest from unfulfilled drives or thwarted desires (Folger, Poole, and Stutman, 2013, p. 43). In this case, anxiety manifested in Jill when she was unable to achieve the upgrades necessary. It is also mani...

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... threatening to indicate she will do what it takes to get what she needs. Dan also demonstrates a competing style by stating his priorities and not offering alternatives or working to agree on an acceptable timeline as to satisfy individual needs. The lack of communication, accommodation and collaboration between Jill and Dan prevents resolution of the conflict.
The importance of communication in resolving conflict has been studied for years. Hawes and Smith (1973) stated “The role of communication is conflict is such that as the amount of communication increases, decisions are more likely to be reached or, the more we talk the more we agree”. Jill and Dan both demonstrated avoidance in not following up on the situation. Jill sharing her frustration with the trustee who shared the information with Jill and Dan’s boss resulted in an escalation of the conflict.

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